A Caribbean Mess

A Caribbean Mess

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Keepin' It Real ANYTIME: "Sometimes Life Hands You a Lemon"

You know what?

It's pretty silly for me to have a "Keepin' it Real FRIDAY" post, when it's me. 
I ALWAYS "keep it real" anyway.
(should be demonstrated in tonight's post)

So, why just limit my "real-ness" to Fridays, right?

After all, that's why you haven't heard from me in so long. I get tired come Friday!!!! 
I mean, didn't you read my last post? 
"I'm tired!" 

I actually really enjoy writing, but not when I feel like I HAVE to do it. So now.... my "Keepin' It Real" posts will come any time I dang well please. 

And today????

"Sometimes Life Hands You a Lemon"

Yup... That's me stuck with the double stroller on a REALLY steep hill.
That was QUITE the predicament.

I really want to keep this short. Let's see if that's possible:

The Problem: 
Medical School is HARD!
STUDYING non-StOp!!! 
We hardly ever see Bryan.
This semester? 4th term? The dreaded term.
EVERYONE is scared of this term.
It's hard, it's PACKED with information, and it's time consuming.
His schedule? M-Sat, 7-8 am to 11pm at school, not even coming home for dinner! UGH!!! Shoot me now!!!! 

So... We decided we were going to take the bull by the horns. 
And according to a good friend of ours? 

"4th term is a beast, and you tamed the hell out of it."
Taming "The Beast."

Why, thank you.
I'm glad you noticed. :) And you know? We really were. 
We really thought we had it beat. 
And the weird thing is? I actually didn't mind 4th term. 
In fact, I kind of liked it. 
Our family was more unified than ever before-- 
Unified in the "Bryan effort." 
All hands on deck,  the perfect team.

Or so we thought...
Then came the LEMON.
Pucker up, Buttercup!!!! 
We got tired.
He got tired. 
Everyone was burnt out.
No light at the end of the tunnel - for you see, when he finished this set of exams, he still had six more weeks to go. BOOOO!!!!

Turn it into LEMONADE! 
Still rockin' the glasses. One lens in and all.

"You're almost done, Sweetheart."
"This is the hardest six weeks of the first two years." 
"We'll keep busy. You keep studying."
"Let's just get through this."
"You're almost there."

Exam week came. 
He was confident (not cocky), I was at peace.
I just knew everything was going to be fine.
And, you know what? Exam week didn't go as well as we planned.

Don't worry... I've got the green light from the 
"Man of the Hour" 
to post this.

I asked him what he thought was the best way to let people know about it was. Because we knew that eventually, people would start talking... they always do.

I mentioned the blog, and said that if people really wanted to know how we felt, they would read it or ask US questions. And if they didn't, well... they would talk about it with other people.

His response? "Yeah... go ahead. I've got nothing to hide."

(Have I mentioned I LOVE him?)
This is our "Kissing Under a Waterfall" shot. :)

It's true. We don't have anything to hide. He's not the only one who will have to retake a course, and he sure as heck won't be the last. 
What good is avoiding it going to do?
Make everyone feel awkward and unable to talk about it?
Continue with the social media folly of pretending that our life is perfect?
That may be for some people, but it's not for us.

So... "Life Handed Us a Lemon."

We will NOT be done in December.
We will be done in the following May (2014).
We are down. We are frustrated. We are angry. We are scared. We are nervous. We are sad. We are upset. We are tired. We are heartbroken. We are downtrodden and distraught. We've cried. We've (Okay... I'VE) punched things.
You name a negative feeling.
We've felt it.
It means we don't start clinicals until August instead of May. 
We have to swallow some pride.
We must postpone our arrival to our beautifully CONVENIENT American Country.
Longer without a temple.
Longer without Disneyland.
Longer without a dryer. More line drying.
Longer without a dishwasher. More hand washing (dishes).
No carpet. More tile.
 No A/C. More heat.
More mosquitos... UGH!!!! 

And worst of all? More studying.

That's my point. We got handed a LEMON! 

He makes the best "lemon" faces!!!

What are we gonna do about it?
(and become Grenadian)

Yeah... That's me jumping in. I LOVE this place!
We GET to be here six more months! 
We GET to live on this BEAUTIFUL island longer where the people are loving, warm, and beautiful.
We are at peace.
Things happen for a reason.
We are happy we're together.
There's more time for friends/family to visit. ;)
He gets to learn the information TWICE! 
All the better to pass his boards.
He has longer to study for the "Step."
He will still graduate the same time as before.
He will still begin his residency at the same time as before.

More waterfalls, less phone bills.
More beaches, less traffic.
More pools, less of a rush.
More of the island we have fallen in
 love with.
More of the people whom we
 love to serve.

And best of all?
He will still become A DOCTOR!!!! 

Don't get me wrong. I'm having my ups and downs. I'm still saying "Why me?" every once in awhile. 

It's probably a blessing in disguise,
so I better grab some sugar and make some

Signing off... <3


  1. You are A-mazing! Way to smash stigma in the face and speak candidly. There might be a reason you are needed in Grenada for just a little while longer. And in hindsight this little speed bump won't make a lot of difference. All our best to you and your sweet family!

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah!!! That was kind of our hope - put it out there fast, and not let it run us over. We are hoping that maybe we can be an answer to SOMEONE'S prayers by being here just a little longer. Thank you for your encouragement, support, and love! It means the world to us. Wishing your sweet family (and soon-to-be little one) ALL the love we can muster! ;)

    2. And by "muster," Sarah, I meant it in a good way! LOL! It's not like it's an effort for me to "muster" love! I hope that comes across right!

  2. Well shoot! I was going to gossip about you all in hushed whispers at the pool...and then you had to post this...DANG! What am I going to talk about now?
    And then I woke up and realized that I don't have a tropical pool and all the passion fruit I can eat, but rather a Target superstore that smells like socks and popcorn...great replacement!

    Bryan! You can do it! A man with the right brains and familial priorities will make a better doc hands down than the withdrawn solely studious types.
    Christine V

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, CHRISTINE! I knew it! THAT is why I posted this. NO gossiping at the pool for you. ;) Target that smells like socks and popcorn? Mmmmmm.... sounds wonderful??? LOL!

      Thank you. FOR EVERYTHING! We love you and your family so so so so much! And you're totally right. He CAN do it!

  3. You guys will get through this! Way to keep a positive attitude Jill! Bryan and your kids are so lucky to have you. I will be praying for you all as I'm sure it's a letdown, but as you said, he is not the only one and what better way than to deal with it and make some lemonade or maybe passion fruit juice?!?! :)

  4. Thanks Stephanie! I'm sorry. I just saw this! But, thank you for your kind words, prayers, and encouragement. It has been a major letdown, but we're really trying to stay positive, as hard as that may be. And sure! Passion fruit juice???!!! YUM! :D Thank you!