A Caribbean Mess

A Caribbean Mess

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Only one word can truly sum up the way I have felt this week.
Some has been good, some has been bad.

First, let me point one thing out. A few months ago, I told my good friend, Tami, that I would not feed anyone with any bull on my blog. We were discussing how people only write about the good stuff on their blogs, and then I told her, "When I have my blog, I'll say what's up." So Tami... this is for you!

Let's start with Monday, January 2nd...
 Overwhelmed with cleaning our apartment. We're not dirty people, but this was our first move... EVER... as a married couple, and like anyone will tell you, you just start to accumulate things. We started out with practically nothing, and moved with 2 1/2 kids, lots of toys, and LOTS of furniture. Took us 8 hours to clean the whole thing. (Note, I may have been a little OCD, but C'mon! There are other people moving in after us! It's gotta be clean.) We came to the conclusion at the end of the night that it would have been worth it to pay for a maid service. Lesson... learned. Check!
Tuesday & Wednesday...
OVERWHELMED with the thought of Bryan leaving! I can't stop crying, I'm on sensory overload, the kids are too much and too loud, the to-do list is too long, the thought of not having my other half with me for 2 1/2 months seems unbearable. I'm getting sick, I'm completely fatigued, feeling chlostrophobic in my G'ma's house (there's just nowhere to put our things... although I am SO grateful to have this place to stay.) The charlie horses in the middle of the night only get better when Bryan is here to help me, and THEN.... we get into a fender bender. My fault, the other driver is stupid. Chalk this day up as a SUCKY ONE! It's sets us behind just enough to miss every place to go out to eat by about 15 minutes. Supposed to be our date night. It's not going well. Just time to go to bed. 

 Thursday, Jan. 5th
100% COMPLETELY Overwhelmed by the love our friends and family showed us. We had an open house for Bryan, so that people could wish him luck and say goodbye. We had a great turn-out. For three hours we had steady visitors, people we love dearly, wishing Bryan their best, and then turning to me and telling me that they are here for me while he is gone. And if I need any help... "Don't hesitate to call." If anyone knows me, that is a very difficult statement. I HATE asking people for help, but I know I'll need it over the next few months. Humility is definitely not my greatest strength (possibly my greatest weakness), and calling people for help will definitely require some humility. As hard as it has been to sit and wait for our "dreams to come true," the reality is, had we not been here this entire time, we never would have been able to form the relationships we have. We are so very blessed to have you all in our lives. (You know who you are, I hope... The list is too long for me to write specific names).

Friday, Jan. 6th (D-day)
The morning began at 3:30 am to take Bryan to the airport. James was out of it, and SCREAMED, I mean SCREAMED in the car for 35 minutes for us to turn around and/or stop the car. He wanted to be in bed. OVERWHELMING!!! At first I was overwhelmed with heartache for him. After about 15 minutes of a very loud, broken record, my heartache turned into ANGER. Pure anger. How was I going to do this without Bryan? He's the calm one of the two of us. I need him by my side. Not on the other side of the world. Back home, back to bed. Overwhelmed with the task ahead of me. Slept most of the day away. In the meantime, I received at least 10 to 15 texts or messages from friends telling me they are thinking of me, and they will be here to help at the drop of a hat if necessary. The best part about it... I totally believe them. Completely Overwhelmed by their love.

Saturday, Jan. 7th
So overwhelmed with my to-do list, and I'm sick. :( Just gotta do one thing at a time. I got a little bit done, but I just can't do everything I want to. I can't. And then I got to see Bryan's sweet face. Thank goodness for Skype. Oh, how we miss him already. So overwhelmed with gratitude for the people responsible for getting him there safely, and then the people who have taken care of him while he's been there. I need more sleep. Tomorrow is a new day.
So grateful for all who have helped "Overwhelm" me.


  1. Well I'm glad to hear you complain now, because in a few months when you start posting pictures of living in paradise, we'll all be jealous and sick of your blog!!! Just kidding! (Sort of!!) Love ya Jill!!

  2. You're the best Jill!! So glad you shared your true feelings and you better continue to do so...for me of course!! Hang in there. This is but a small moment and soon you'll all be together again in Sunny Grenada! Until then, I'm there for you. Love you :)