A Caribbean Mess

A Caribbean Mess

Friday, March 1, 2013

Keepin' It Real Friday: "I'm the Wife of a Medical School Student"

My SWEET husband is home tonight!!!
AND he just informed me of this: 
He said,

"I'm caught up. I'm not going back to school tonight. I'd like to just cuddle up and watch a movie with you." 


"Oh! And give you an AMAZING head massage!" 
(Okay... he never said that.)

 For those of you who don't know? 
This is a biiiiiiig deal. MONUMENTAL!

And... :( Sadly, The most dreaded 4 months of medical school is 
inevitably. coming. our. way......
(beginning Monday) Wa-Wah-Wahhhhh....

So? What does that mean for my "Keepin' It Real" post?
I won't leave you hangin' like I have in the past when I've been busy. 
That's just plain rude.
I WILL post something! I have 3 whole readers who can actually still stand me after my last FB rant.

Here it is:

#8 "I'm the Wife of a Medical School Student"

He's My Everything.
I'm so proud of him.
He's come a LOOOOONG way to get here! 

(Just like every other medical school student all over the world.) My GOSH! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY DO!!!!!!

We thought getting IN was the hard part. Well, it was, but man... this ride is InTeNsE!

Bry continues to improve his study habits every semester, and he's figuring out what makes him tick 
(other than me, of course).

There is truly no way to explain what he does 
(nor what we do to support him)
until you've done it. 


So? My post?

I'm "Keepin' It Real."


I've got myself a movie to watch!

Signing off... <3

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