A Caribbean Mess

A Caribbean Mess

Friday, February 22, 2013

Keepin' It Real Friday: "#7 "Uhhhh.... I Guess I'll Just Jump In Now?"

Alright, Alright, Alright...

First, you can call me a slacker all you want for not updating my awesomeness of a blog for the last month. 
Or, or, OR....
You can realize just how cool I am to have months of STRAIGHT visitors. Did I get to tour a paradise Caribbean Island for two WHOLE months?
Why yes, Yes I did.

Let me be clear on one thing before we get started on today's topic. Even though I admitted and confessed many of my downfalls and follies last month, I want you all to know, that I'm still pretty...

(yeah, you know)

You know it, and I know it. 
Just thought cyberspace should know it, too. :D

Friday is here again, and I have SO many things I could write about! Today, I've got something on my mind because I SWEAR
I have been put in this situation too many times, and it's just so

"Keepin' It Real Friday"
#7 "Uhhhh.... I Guess I'll Just Jump In Now?"

(Concord Falls, Grenada)

So... there's really not a TON to write about with this topic because it's pretty self-explanatory, BUT just in case you DON'T have normal social skills, I'm here to "keep it real" and help you out. 

Because, let's face it... you need help.

*No worries. I'll be here all day.*

So... awhile ago... I'm sittin' at the pool, LOVING life, and the 


And up swim a couple of people. Now just to clarify, they have encroached on MY space. I'm just "Keepin' It Real," and I was there first! No, it is not my pool, but I was by myself, doing my own thing.... FIRST!

Now, I'm a pretty easy person to talk to. I am a smiler, I am a conversationalist, and I sure as heck am not shy. 
All of these things work out in my favor to meet people.

But then... 

you have these people...

Those who come and interrupt MY SPACE, and THEN proceed to have the most lame conversation I've ever heard, talking loud enough for me to hear every word of their conversation, but never quite inviting me to join in.
Hmmmm.... Don't quite know what to do with that one!

Well, Introductions: I'm Jillian, and I WILL solve a problem. 
So? Here were my options. 

LOL! Yeah right. Like that's gonna happen. 

I'd rather let Kent eat my shorts.
(Yeah... that's really what he's doing)

2) Ignore these sorry excuses of oxygen consumers? 
Mmmm.... nope!
I would NEVER give ANYONE that kind of satisfaction!

#3)!!!!! Join in the conversation while resolving the cause of their discussion in the first place. Continue to talk while watching them look at each other uncomfortably and with eyes firing, 
"How DARE she invite herself into OUR conversation?" 



Of course, I chose #3.

Mission Accomplished.

Moral of the Story? Don't talk around me if you don't want me involved in the conversation. It is inevitable... 

(ask anyone)

See??? This is Jill. Just "Keepin' It Real."

Sometimes life in Grenada gets hard! 
You're FORCED to listen to conversations you don't ever want to be a part of. :D
"Well, that's ten minutes of my life I'll never get back."

Life's not roses.

But... Someone's Gotta Do It.
(might as well be me)

Signing off... <3

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