A Caribbean Mess

A Caribbean Mess

Friday, January 18, 2013

Keepin' It Real Friday: "Feel Good About Yourself!"

In CASE you actually enjoy reading my blog... 
In CASE you have noticed I have been a slacker...
In CASE you were wondering where my posts have been???
 I apologize for my absence.
I've been busy!
JK... I like to pretend that this is what I do every day, but it's not.

Honestly, with preparations for the holidays and with two family visits, I was actually as real as I could be by NOT writing on "Keep It Real Fridays". Man, was I was busy! 

I wanted to write, but literally had no time. And if I was going to write, what would I write about? 

You see... I always joke around with Bryan that I write my best work when I'm passionate. (That's normal, right?) Well, unfortunately, I'm most passionate when I'm...

(SUUUUUPER beautiful face, I know).

And you know what? 
You may want to sit down for this...

Nothing has really ticked me off in awhile!!!


I mean, stuff has ticked me off plenty (I guess) in the last few weeks, but nothing that is interesting enough to write about. :)
So... that leads me to my "Keepin It Real" post for today:

#6: Feel Good About Yourself! 

This post... instead of making OTHER people mad, just because I'm mad, I'm gonna make people feel good! 
Go figure, huh?

Here's the quick version, because
And I keep falling asleep!

(Yeah, she's totally passed out.)

I have had friends for the majority of my life tell me that my life seems perfect. Whether it's because I'm always happy, my clothes are always clean, my make-up is always on, my house is always clean, I always have snacks for my kids, etc....

So tonight, let me "keep it real." 

My life...

It really does... but not for the reasons mentioned above.

Let me tell you, I get mad at the stupidest, smallest, most insignificant things, and my world comes crashing down!
*cough* (spilled milk, for example) *cough*
I really do cry over it.

I'm obsessive about things that don't matter (i.e. clothes being spotless, make-up always on, hair always done). I am SUPER vain.
It's not something I'm proud of. It's just a fact.

If I am having a bad hair day, no one will go anywhere until it is fixed. Why? Because if I don't like my hair, I will NOT be able to think of ANYTHING else until it is fixed. I won't hear your name if you introduce yourself. I won't hear what you're telling me. I won't want to talk to you. And I won't want to see you. All I will think about is... "Man, my hair looks like crap. I know it."

And you thought YOU had issues! Hahaha!

Going to the store without mascara on? Yeah, that RARELY happens! You fools, I don't always have my make-up on because I've got it together. 
I always have it on because I'm 

So... Feel Good About Yourself!!!

  • My kitchen is dirty (as always)
  • My bathrooms need to be cleaned (But why today? When company is coming in 4 days? Might as well wait...)
  • My desks needs to be organized
  • Kent's Birth Announcement may be getting mailed out with the Christmas Cards!!! (HELLO??? He turns ONE in two weeks!)
  • There's no food in our fridge.

I mean, SURELY 
my readers/friends have got most of this list checked off!

My life really does rock. I love it. 

But it's hard. I'm overwhelmed. I'm behind on EVERYTHING! I cannot catch up, and even when I can, I'm too tired to do so. You probably feel that way too!

I may always have my make-up on, but I guarantee you that something else on my to-do list is not getting done because I chose to put make-up on that day. It all comes down to priorities. 

And make-up to me? Well... that's one of them. 

NO... I'm not shallow at all!
(At the pool? ... mascara ON)

My life isn't perfect.
I'm not perfect.
I'm not a Super Mom.
I'm a "Keepin' It Real" Mom.
I'm a mom with issues of her own who isn't afraid to own up to them.
And I'm a mom who will scream it from the rooftops, JUST so I don't make anyone else feel inferior. :(

OH! As well as a mom who's going crazy because her toenail polish just chipped off today. 
So embarrassing (I really will obsess over it). 
I might as well be walking around naked... 

Signing off... <3

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